Why do you need a Bitty Bag?!?

So here’s a little story for you… 

I got my first purse at the age of 49… it was a brand name tote (actually 2 totes) that my husband got me for my 40th birthday.  Before that I carried a backpack.  I started carrying the backpack in 1999 when my daughter was born.  It was my diaper bag for both of my children.  I use that backpack now as the carrier for my hairdressing kit (I am also a mobile hairdresser).  Before that I used a bum bag (or Fanny pack as it is known in North America) or my pockets. 

so… when I got my first real purse I took to social media to ask what do you put into a purse?  And explained my situation.  The responses I got back were things like snacks, bottles, toys, wallet, phone, etc… 

However, I don’t have little kids anymore. So I didn’t need bottles, snacks, etc. 

I found that the tote was bulky and I kept putting receipts, garbage, amd things I really didn’t need in it.

Going out with friends I had this huge bag that wouldn’t fit on the table, I would trip over it if I left it on the floor, sitting in a booth in a restaurant it felt awkward having it beside me.  I wanted, no, needed something smaller.  

All I really needed was something small that I could put my wallet, phone, lip balm, and a few little things in it.  
But I wanted something fun and unique.  A way to express myself… Something that wasn’t mass produced.  And something that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg.  
So I sat down and spent some time patterning out my vision.   There were many prototypes.  Then EUREKA!! The BOHO BITTY BAG was born.

You may still have a diaper bag, and you may have a backpack.  But the Bitty Bag is perfect for a night out with the girls, date night, or the chance get away without kids.  Or for when you are ready to downsize from a big bag to a little purse. 

The fact that they are not mass produced is a bonus.  They are fun and unique.  And they are all handmade by me!  

I highly recommend that you try one out! Express yourself! Stand out! And maybe even show your wild side! 

BOHO BITTY BAGS!!! You need this!!!