What to expect when switching to an all natural deodorant week 1

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Switching to a natural deodorant...


When switching from an antiperspirant (they have aluminum salts in them) to a deodorant your body will go through a detox stage.


Deodorants keep you from smelling.  Not from sweating.  However for the first 30 days of switching you may still “smell”. The reason behind this is because the bacteria under your arms is changing and “detoxing” the aluminum out of your system.


Week 1

You may not notice much of a difference for the first week between your antiperspirant that you used to use and your new natural deodorant.

The reason behind this is you still have all of the aluminum build up/stores in your body... but get ready detox takes a turn for the smelly around week 2...


(Interesting fact... Colorado has antiperspirant classified as an over the counter drug... so if you have been using it for a long time., Preteen or teen years, your body could have actually become dependant on it for perspiration regulation)



Tomorrow we will visit what happens in week 2 and 3...

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