My Story Part 5

Then there is shampoo. The majority of shampoos have sulphates in them. About 15 years ago my hair took a turn for the worse. I used to have poker straight hair. But after having my second child things changed. I all of a sudden had this curl!!! I had spent a lot of time explaining to my clients how to work with their curly locks and now I had to learn how to work with my own... also my scalp was constantly itchy and dry. Sulphates in shampoos give you the lather that you love! But they also leave the hair cuticle open. This can cause colours to fade quicker, frizzy/fly away hair, dryness and brittleness. It also drys out the scalp stripping it of the natural oils that are essential to healthy hair and hair growth.
So I decided to try a sulphate free alternative. And even better in a bar form. There is zero waste of product. No fumbling with bottles in the shower. Using natural oils and butters that would nourish my hair and smooth my hair cuticles. At first I hated it. My hair felt tacky almost greasy. But I stuck with it. Because the sulphates weren’t stripping my hair and scalp of the natural oils anymore my scalp went into overdrive. I had almost “cradle cap” like oil production, flakes and more.
After a month of use I noticed my hair was less frizzy and my scalp was not itchy anymore. After 2 months I had little to no frizz. My curls and my hair was happy and healthy. I have never been so happy with my hair. All I use for “styling products” is an herb infused coconut oil. Applied lightly. Has minimal hold and smooths the hair shaft.

In the next few posts I will go through our bars and why we chose the herbs and oils that we did and how they can be beneficial to your hair