My Story Part 4

My story (part 4)

Let’s talk skincare... I was using a great skin care line. It worked well for me. I was sensitive to so many different brands and cleansers out there. I would get rashes, or dry itchy patches that wouldn’t go away. And let’s face it (pun intended) skin care can get expensive. Cleansers can be loaded with sulphates which can be drying to the skin. Sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium Laureth sulphate are additives that behave like soap. They are both a detergent and a surfactant that are added to facial cleansers and shampoos. They are what produces the lather.
I would find something that worked for a while then sensitivities would start again. So again I started looking for alternatives. Something that was natural. Working with oils, herbs, and minerals that would be beneficial to skin and not a chemical. The toner I wanted something that would help my skin and not be loaded with alcohols that were more drying. Same with the moisturizer. Something that was light, natural, and not greasy.

Thus was born the charcoal facial bar. It is made with bentonite clay and activated charcoal. Bentonite clay whisks away impurities and excess oils from the skin without drying the skin. Activated charcoal removes toxins, lightens dark spots, and shrinks pores. This makes it wonderful for all types of skin... from oily to combination to dry skin... young or aging skin... it’s amazing!!

Our toner is alcohol free. Many people think that toner is used to remove excess oils from the skin. Although this is a great aid effect it isn’t what toner is for. It is to help reset the ph of you skin. Our toner mist is alcohol free (so not drying) 
It is made with rosewater and peppermint water, which is helpful with rosacea. It also has argan oil, avocado oil, and squalane (derived from sugarcane)
Argan oil and avocado oil moisturize and squalane is known for its anti-aging properties as well as an aid for fighting acne and eczema (it has anti-inflammatory properties)

Our moisturizer is nice and light containing apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil and carrot seed extract. Light enough to use as a day cream and powerful enough to use as a night cream... so no dual moisturizers!!

Since switching over my dark “sun spots” have been fading away.
My skin looks and feels softer and healthier.