My Story Part 3

My story (part 3)

A couple years ago I started getting large cysts in my armpits that would show up overnight. Some were large 1 1/2-2”. Drs prescribed antibiotics when they would show up. But during those “flare ups” I was unable to work as it was painful to lift my arms.

Then I started to take a closer look at what was happening around me. In my past and what would the future look like. There is a history of cancer in my family. It seems to be more common with each generation. What triggered it (or triggers it) I don’t know. But it really got me to thinking and looking into things for myself.

Antiperspirant has aluminum in it to keep you dry. Our bodies were meant to sweat. So I started to research natural deodorants for personal use... 
I researched different ingredients and put together my own blend.

I started using my homemade deodorant about a year ago. At first I didn’t like it much. I was sweating a lot, but I stuck with it. My body seems to have regulated now. I still sweat but it is not as much as I did. (Or so it seems). And those cysts??? I still get the odd small one but they are few and far between now. 
Are the ingredients in the antiperspirant I used to use linked to this? I don’t know. But antiperspirants work by temporarily plug the “sweat ducts” causing one to stay dry. A deodorant doesn’t stop sweating but it does take care of odour.