BOHO RICE BAGS!!! A must have for every home!!!


These are amazing for hot or cold relief.  They are 10” long 5” tall

pop them in the microwave to heat them up.  

or toss them in the freezer for a cold pack.


relief for headaches, sore muscles, boo-boos and more!!! 

Here’s the reason you need one or more of these!!

mid you use an ice pack or gel pack for cool therapy or for some cold relief… they end up making you wet and uncomfortable.  These will not do that.  Store your rice bags in the freezer.  Unlike gel packs or ice packs these will remain flexible, and form to your needs 

Some uses for cold packs are: 

Reduces swelling and inflammation 

Help relieve headaches

relieve sinus pressure from allergies

Cool down on a warm day, hot flashes, or after a workout.


If you use a heating blanket or heating pad for warm relief… and you are stuck in that one spot plugged in….

Throw them into the microwave for hot relief 

some uses for warm therapy are: 

period pains

Reduce stress by relaxing muscles

Soothe muscle aches and pains

Throw them at the foot of your bed in winter to keep your feet toasty warm