My Story Part 2

My story (part 2)

I worked with so many different chemicals (hair colour, perms, shampoo, conditioners, hair treatments, skin cleansers, skin treatments, etc, etc...) I firmly believe that it is because of this exposure to chemicals that I have had many different reactions and issues.
I have issues with water... yes, water.  I cannot go into a chlorinated pool for longer than 10-15 minutes before my hands and feet feel like they are burning.  This also has happened when I have a shower or take baths. The burning sensation can last up to an hour, followed by severe itching and sometimes redness. I would lather my hands and feet in tons of lotion in efforts to find relief from this.  Sometimes it helped most times it didn’t.

A couple years ago I started getting large cysts in my armpits that would show up overnight. Some were large 1 1/2-2”.  Drs prescribed antibiotics when they would show up. But during those “flare ups” I was unable to work as it was painful to lift my arms.  

This prompted me to look into more natural body care alternatives.

More to come 🙂